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I quit my job.  And found a new one.  I couldn't take my old one anymore.  It was depressing, the people I worked with were unfriendly, the customers were always rude, and I couldn't get a decent shift after working there for almost 4 years.  Working nights has been hell since Charlie has been away with the army so often, having to leave Tori with my mom or a sitter for the night because I didn't finish until midnight or later.  So after much thought and discussion we agreed that it would be best for me to find something else, something that would have me working fewer night shifts and that I may enjoy a little more.  

So, I'll be working at nearby pharmacy, mostly in the photolab developing pictures and taking passport photos, but also working the cash as well.  I already know I'm going to love the people there.  When I went to apply for the job, and later for my interview, the people there were so friendly it was incredible!  They are all women, most of them around my age.  They made me feel excited about working there and told me it was a great place to work.  I actually heard about the job through a girl that also left my previous employer to go work at store.  She says it's a million times more pleasant to work there, which has me looking forward to it.  I'm still nervous, however.  I've never worked cash before, and certainly never in a photolab.  I know I"ll be trained properly, but I keep imagining messing up horribly and being laughed out of the store...ridiculous I know, but that's just me.  Always preparing myself for the worst.

I contacted one of my favorite authors and actually got a reply.  She said that the words I wrote actually made her day, and that she really appreciated the fact that I enjoyed her work and what it meant to me. She then added me as a friend on facebook.  YAY!  Such a dork, I know, but I she writes the type of novels that I aspire to write and it was just wonderful to see that she is so down to earth and friendly.  I was inspired and elated and opened up my old notes and my word program and started working.  I've got a great outline and some character sketches, and am incredibly excited to be writing again.   



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