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We had a storm last night.  A big one.  One that left us without power for 12 hours.  It was very dark, and very cold.  It's funny how the moment you can't use your computer, television, stereo, microwave, etc....that's the moment you want it the most.  And, because I'm a klutz and dropped our big fancy flashlight, it was too dark to even read.  Candles provided nice atmosphere but just weren't cutting it.  So tomorrow when I go to the mall I'll be buying several new flashlights and stocking up on batteries.

I miss livejournal.  A lot.  I think some of it has to do with simply writing.  Not that I have ever written anything interesting, but the simple act of putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) can feel therapeutic somehow.  The past year has been so hectic that I've hardly written a word.  I have missed writing as much as I have missed my husband  while he's been away training (although he'll never know ;o)).  I got an idea for a story a while back while going through some of my daughters drawings...pictures of ships, dragons, horses, and a beautiful emerald necklace.  Lately the idea has been growing and growing and I have this feeling if I don't write something down soon I'm going to burst.  The problem is that it is a fantasy story which feels extremely overwhelming.  Any idea I've had previously has been a love story taking place in a small town, involving all humans and no otherworldy creatures or places.  However, I am more enthusiastic about this idea than any other.  I get excited whenever I think about the characters and how the story might unfold.  I want to do research in order to prepare but I am not really sure where to start.

Well, right now I'm going to enjoy some Buffalo Chicken Chili and do something else I haven't done in a long time...make some icons.





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