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We had a storm last night.  A big one.  One that left us without power for 12 hours.  It was very dark, and very cold.  It's funny how the moment you can't use your computer, television, stereo, microwave, etc....that's the moment you want it the most.  And, because I'm a klutz and dropped our big fancy flashlight, it was too dark to even read.  Candles provided nice atmosphere but just weren't cutting it.  So tomorrow when I go to the mall I'll be buying several new flashlights and stocking up on batteries.

I miss livejournal.  A lot.  I think some of it has to do with simply writing.  Not that I have ever written anything interesting, but the simple act of putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) can feel therapeutic somehow.  The past year has been so hectic that I've hardly written a word.  I have missed writing as much as I have missed my husband  while he's been away training (although he'll never know ;o)).  I got an idea for a story a while back while going through some of my daughters drawings...pictures of ships, dragons, horses, and a beautiful emerald necklace.  Lately the idea has been growing and growing and I have this feeling if I don't write something down soon I'm going to burst.  The problem is that it is a fantasy story which feels extremely overwhelming.  Any idea I've had previously has been a love story taking place in a small town, involving all humans and no otherworldy creatures or places.  However, I am more enthusiastic about this idea than any other.  I get excited whenever I think about the characters and how the story might unfold.  I want to do research in order to prepare but I am not really sure where to start.

Well, right now I'm going to enjoy some Buffalo Chicken Chili and do something else I haven't done in a long time...make some icons.


Nov. 16th, 2008

I've been married for almost 3 months already.  I'm still getting used to the idea.  I grin whenever I say 'my husband', quite often still sign my maiden name, and replay certain parts of the wedding in my mind in order to relive them.

I miss LiveJournal.  A lot.  I miss venting about whatever was going on in my life, discussing favorite books and movies with friends, and just feeling connected to a group of people who felt very much like kindred spirits.  My life has changed so much over the past year, what with the new job and getting married.  Not to mention getting used to army life.  It's true what they say...you not only marry the man, you really are 'married to the military.' 

My favorite time of the year has come.  First the autumn leaves and the crispness in the air...not to mention candy corn.  Soon will come the snow, baking cookies, candy canes, and the beauty of twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.  I have a shelf of holiday movies which I'll start to watch very soon, which always gets me even more in the holiday spirit.  I love, love, LOVE this time of year!
 I am reading Breaking Dawn.  I haven't finished it in one desperately anxious several hour long sitting as I did with the previous three, as Charlie is home for the weekend and we are doing some serious wedding planning.

Although, like Bella, I am still desperately in love with Edward, I AM REALLY LOVING JACOB BLACK RIGHT NOW.
I quit my job.  And found a new one.  I couldn't take my old one anymore.  It was depressing, the people I worked with were unfriendly, the customers were always rude, and I couldn't get a decent shift after working there for almost 4 years.  Working nights has been hell since Charlie has been away with the army so often, having to leave Tori with my mom or a sitter for the night because I didn't finish until midnight or later.  So after much thought and discussion we agreed that it would be best for me to find something else, something that would have me working fewer night shifts and that I may enjoy a little more.  

So, I'll be working at nearby pharmacy, mostly in the photolab developing pictures and taking passport photos, but also working the cash as well.  I already know I'm going to love the people there.  When I went to apply for the job, and later for my interview, the people there were so friendly it was incredible!  They are all women, most of them around my age.  They made me feel excited about working there and told me it was a great place to work.  I actually heard about the job through a girl that also left my previous employer to go work at store.  She says it's a million times more pleasant to work there, which has me looking forward to it.  I'm still nervous, however.  I've never worked cash before, and certainly never in a photolab.  I know I"ll be trained properly, but I keep imagining messing up horribly and being laughed out of the store...ridiculous I know, but that's just me.  Always preparing myself for the worst.

I contacted one of my favorite authors and actually got a reply.  She said that the words I wrote actually made her day, and that she really appreciated the fact that I enjoyed her work and what it meant to me. She then added me as a friend on facebook.  YAY!  Such a dork, I know, but I she writes the type of novels that I aspire to write and it was just wonderful to see that she is so down to earth and friendly.  I was inspired and elated and opened up my old notes and my word program and started working.  I've got a great outline and some character sketches, and am incredibly excited to be writing again.   

I'm  getting married in less than 3 months.  Wow.  The hall and dj are booked, the dress is in my clost, the food, wine,and flowers have been ordered.  Yet somehow it still seems unreal to me, that I'm actually going to walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dreams.  Things have been going pretty smoothly, and it seems I'm waiting for that moment went something goes horribly wrong and I turn into Bridezilla.  Lets hope not...

The MTV movie awards pre show is airing a completed scene from the Twilight movie tonight.  I'm so excited about this it's ridculous.  Seeing some of my favorite characters brought to life on the screen is going to be so much FUN.  Because that's what Twilight is for me, FUN.  It may not be serious or dramatic writing, but it's a great story that I love to lose myself in.

Tori won her first medal for skating.  YAY!

I'm off to have some spicy spaghetti and salad, and relax with a good book until the show.  Hope everyone is well :o)


I feel absolutely miserable.  I don't know what has hit me but I have a headache, the sniffles, achy joints, and a terribly upset stomach.  I'm heading to work in half an hour and I'm hoping that keeping a supply of soda crackers and ginger ale at my desk will help me through my shift.  I am also hoping that we're not too busy, because on those occasions they send a few of us home, which would allow me to come home early without it counting against me.  If I do get to leave, I plan on taking the crackers and ginger ale to bed and watching the new Sense and Sensibility.

Other than feeling sick today things are pretty good.  I'm getting back into the routine of not having Charlie around, and Tori and taking care of things around here on our own.  It helps that he calls me half a dozen times a day.  Tori's figure skating lessons have been going well, she just earned her 3rd badge and is really improving.  I find myself looking foward to going to the rink each Saturday and Sunday, and beaming with pride as I watch her skills continue to grow.

I can't sit at this computer any longer.  Which makes me wonder how I'm going to do it at work...

I have a headache, which I can feel progressing into the migraine stage.  I have to work tonight, which is always a struggle when I have a migraine attack coming on.  I'm hoping we're not that busy so they'll let me go early without penalty.  If not, I'll have to grin and bare it.  I have medicine but it makes me sleepy, and when I get like this the only thing that really seems to work is laying in complete darkness in a warm bed with a cold cloth on my forehead.  Wish me luck...

I finally got a chance to watch 'Cranford' in its entirety and I must say I enjoyed it very much.   Although the loss of some great characters broke my heart, everything wrapped up nicely enough in the end and left me feeling fulfilled and entertained.  I can't wait to watch the new 'Sense & Sensibility'!!

Well I'm off to start getting ready for work.  Hopefully I won't have to be there very long.

Jan. 4th, 2008

 Tomorrow is "goodbye day".  The day when Charlie heads back to his course, when Tori heads to a friends house to do something fun and distracting, and when I spend the day either in bed or on the couch, watching costume dramas and eating junk food, feeling miserable.  It may sound pathetic but I need that one day.  A day to be lazy and comfy and not worry about thinks like working, chores, and stress.  A day to miss him and pout and cry.  After that I get back to my normal routine and count down the days until this entire course is done.  I thank God for the strength he's given me to get me through these times...

Just thought I would post quickly while Charlie is having some daddy/daughter time tucking Tori in and reading her a story.  Hope everyone is well.